Muggle Studies

Muggle Studies is part of the non-magical studies curriculum. It is exactly what the name implies — the study of the daily lives of Muggles and how they cope with electricity, technology and science, and not magic. This class aims specifically to acquaint wizards and witches who do not have direct contact with Muggles with the way they live; one known essay topic was "Why Muggles Need Electricity." Muggle Studies is considered by some to be a soft option, but others think it is important for magical people to have an understanding of the non-magical community, especially if they work closely with Muggles. 

Muggle games, such as hangman, cards, noughts-and-crosses, rock-paper-scissors, dominoes and crosswords are part of the curriculum, as are playgrounds.

Some wizards doing research into Muggle Studies will use the Internet for such information, a rare example of wizardkind using that service.




  • Introduction to Muggle Studies
  • Introduction to Muggle Relations
  • Muggle Pop Culture
  • Muggles and Electricity
  • Muggles and Magic
  • Prestidigitation, Magicians, and Charlatans
  • Superstitions

Muggle Studies

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