In the class, students learn about a wide range of magical creatures, from flobberworms to fire crabs, and even unicorns and thestrals. Students are taught about feeding, maintaining, breeding, and proper treatment of these various Creatures.

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  • Introduction to Care for Magical Creatures
  • Introduction to Magizoology
  • Introduction to Magibiology
  • Marine magizoology
  • Introduction to Dragonology
  • Advanced Dragonology
  • Protection of Magical Creatures
  • Dragon Biology
  • Introduction to American Magizoology
  • Indigenous American Magizoology
  • Introduction to Field Methods in Magizoology
  • Humanoid Monsters
  • Sentience & Creatures
  • Gryphon biology
  • Care for Gryphons
  • Identification
  • Documentation and Fieldwork
  • Introduction to First Aid for Magical Creatures
  • Dragon First Aid
  • Invasive Magical Creatures


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