Staff & Faculty

Vortigern Rathbone, Dean

Gilbert Sullivan, Grand Poobah

Desidera Morgens, provost

Cyril Mizeareigh, registrar

Amos Bones, groundskeeper

Archivarius S.P. Lindhorst, chief librarian

Marius Saturday

Erik Wayland 
Teaches enchantment, and is chairman of the department. 
His classes (excluding when he teaches introductory level courses) tend to be hands-on and consist largely of practical lessons and projects. 
He specializes in enchanting from the ground work – meaning instead of just enchanting an object, he makes the object itself from raw materials, enchanting it through each stage. His is particularly renowned for his magical blacksmithing, earning him the nickname “Smitty”. 
Incoming students usually find him intimidating at first due to his big, grizzly, tough guy, biker appearance. However, by the end of the semester they generally warm up to him due to his shy, sensitive nature. Upperclassmen laugh at how you can tell by whether they call him formally by Professor Wayland, or by his affectionate nickname “Smitty”. He’s really a big teddy bear, making him a campus favorite.

Phineas Fogarty

Melanie Dirge

Valentina Lovelace

Morpheus Nodd

Pandora Grimmstone

Ravindra Mooney

Abdullah Ramsay

Florentia B. Rappacini

Arsinius Melchior

Cassandra Ogilvie

Dedalus Orloge

Xerxes Scrivner

Kaze Abe

Juliet Montague

Sylvester Potts
Professor of Botany and Herbology. 
One of student body's most beloved professors, he's been a teacher at the University for ages (though he doesn't look it). While satyr's are typically known to be the embodiment of hedonism and fair-weathered friends easily eschewing such boring and tedious tasks as academics and responsibility for more fun activities (regardless of any rules or social taboos), Professor Potts has adjusted quite well to academia. This is likely due to the fact that he quite enjoys his work. You'd be mistaken to take him for a responsible mentor and teacher though, as he still has his people's infamous mischievous personality. 

Octavia Mathers

Elspeth Basarab

Lorelai Halstrom

Ursula Griswald

Gilda Murgatroyd

Arthur Weir

Basil Beadle

Barbara Wylld-Beadle

Enceladus Mendivil

Nimrod Craven

Feng Huang

Bartholomew Mumps

Pamina, Belinda, and Serpentina Lindhorst


Staff & Faculty

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