Herbology is the study of magical and mundane plants and fungi, making it the wizarding equivalent to botany. Herbology is a core class and subject in which students learn to care for and utilise plants, learn about their magical properties and what they are used for. Many plants provide ingredients for potions and medicine, while others have magical effects of their own right.


Florentia Rappacini

Sylvester Potts

Course Listings:

  • Introduction
  • Toxins & Poisons
  • Carnivorous Herbology
  • Herbalism
  • Herbology and Geomancy
  • Herbology and Potioneering
  • Pests & Symbiosis
  • Introduction to Apothecary Studies
  • Man Eaters
  • Mundane Botany
  • Mundane Botany in Herbology


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