Willow Wisp

Fire Elementalist



  • Incendio – produces fire, Willow can cast this reflexively
    bluebell flames – small blue flames that are warm but don’t burn and can be kept in a bottle
    incendio viscosi – produces green flames that stubbornly stick to the target
  • Extinguishing spell – puts out fires; Willow can have Aed and other salamander’s under contract to do this
  • Lumos – incantation – creates light emitting from tip of focus (she uses her hands)
    Nox – counterspell
    Lumos Solem – advanced form that creates a powerful ray of light as bright as the sun
  • Incarcerous – ties someone/thing up with ropes
  • Sciens maxima – causes the caster to have enhanced senses, or to be able to sense things they would not normally sense
  • Firestorm – produces a ring of fire from the wand tip that can strike targets; advanced spell, Willow can strengthen the spell by calling on her contracted salamander familiars to perform the spell (the salamanders themselves seem to become a part of the whirling flames)
  • Fiendfyre – creates great spirits of fire which burn anything in its path, nearly impossible to control; highly advanced spell, when Willow enters her demonic alternate persona in times of extreme emotional duress she becomes engulfed in these flames burning everything but herself (even her salamander familiars struggle with it)

Place of Origin: outskirts of Baltimore, MD
Age: 21
Year: junior
Type of Magic: Fire Elementalist
Major: Magizoology
Minor: Summoning
Interests & Hobbies: Quodpot (she plays club, not the official team because she doesn’t have the time to make the commitment anymore), Hiking/Camping, Rock Climbing, watching American Football with her father and his muggle family members
Why did you choose MU? She liked the distance from home (and her large and, at times, overbearing family), the school’s environment and reputation, but perhaps her favorite thing about MU is the fact that there is so much good camping/hiking

Where are on a scale of one to ten:
*Extremely Introverted 1 — Middle 5 — Extremely Extroverted
Willow is a 10, extremely extroverted and energetic with no sense of embarrassment or shame.
*OCD Tidy Cleanliness 1 — Middle 5 — Pig Pen Slob
Willow is middle (5) or perhaps a bit higher, she isn’t particularly organized and is prone to making a
mess, but things are generally quickly picked up and cleaned though not organized.

Both of her parents come from Irish Catholic families who emigrated to the United States in the 1920s. As such she has a weird cultural background of seemingly being very stereotypical American, and in others clearly showing “old country” roots. Her father is a muggle, was rather surprised when his wife explained it all to him. His family has not been informed of his wife’s, nor his children’s, magic studies. Coming from a Catholic background, Willow has a large family that always seems to be in everyone else’s business. It is truly a wonder her paternal family members remain largely ignorant of magic.
People hardly ever see Willow study, and many who don’t know her well assume that she doesn’t. Many who don’t know also tend to wrongly assume she does not receive good grades and that her GPA is of minor importance to her. Willow is hardly seen studying because she tends to divide her work into smaller chunks to be performed over a period of time with lots of breaks, furthermore she is a very tactile/active learner who has difficulty sitting still and concentrating for any great length of time and has adapted her study habits accordingly to be more interactive, which also serves to disguise studying as fun.
Willow usually relaxes by hanging out with friends, and she would by far prefer to go out with friends than stay home and read. In the rare cases where she needs quiet alone time, she will retreat to one of her favorite hidden places by a creek. Here, she’ll skip rocks, or just drop a twig or leaf and watch it float, and sometimes she just watches the water bugs.
Willow is prone to passions, she seldom feels “meh” about anything and generally reacts strongly either way. She is terrified of clowns, and no one can convince her that they will not try to steal her face.
Post graduation she wants to find work preserving magical wildlife, either in a nature preserve or magic zoo. Because of her immunity to fire, she tends to do well with dragons.
Full name is Willow Theresa Wisp. Her siblings go to other schools.
She calls her Salamander Aedh. hmLvHPY.jpg

the ID picture is her in her badass demonic persona
this is her normal:

Willow Wisp

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