Granuaile (graw+nya+wail) Quinn


forgetful druid
G is from County Claire, Ireland, and is the druid of the Quinn Clan.
Chaotic Neutral/Good
Wand/staff = focus
Side note: Outdoors are a must, hikes & animals
Classes: Intro Herb, Intro History of Magic, Into Potions


Place of Origin:
Year: freshman/sophomore/junior/senior/post-grad etc.
Type of Magic:
Interests & Hobbies:
Why did you choose MU?

Where are on a scale of one to ten:
*Extremely Introverted 1 — Middle 5 — Extremely Extroverted
*OCD Tidy Cleanliness 1 — Middle 5 — Pig Pen Slob

What culture/ethnicity do you belong to? How does this influence you? What is your family like? What is your hometown like?
How do you study? How important is your GPA (grades really) to you?
How do you relax? Spend your free time? Would you rather go downtown for a night out with friends, or a quiet night to yourself with a book?
Do you have any phobias? Anything you crazy love?
What do you plan/want to do post-graduation?

Granuaile (graw+nya+wail) Quinn

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