Jack Parsley



Age: 18
Year: Freshman
Type of Magic: Art/Sigils (think of a cool name later)
Major: Art
Focus: 2D Studio Art
Minor: Sigils
Pronouns: They/Them

Jack was born in Birmingham, Alabama to two magical parents – Kenneth and Marie Parsley. They’re a large family with seven children in total, of whom Jack is the fifth born. Their four older siblings all attended MU (or are currently attending), as did their parents.

Jack first fell in love with art when their family went on a vacation to San Francisco when they were 12, and they saw street art of transparent dinosaur bones (pictured below). It wasn’t technically magical, but it touched them in the same way that magic did. Since then, they have studied the area where magic and art intersect, endeavoring to recreate that feeling in someone else. Most magical forms of art, however, require higher education to access safely. As a result, they only have the basics mastered when they arrive at college, such as drawing and painting. As they study, they have taken to petty vandalism to both spread their art and experiment outside of the confines of the structured freshman art education. This habit is born out of a mixture of frustration and desperation, as their professors won’t let them experiment in the way that they want to because they aren’t experienced enough.

They’re not the most studious person, especially when it comes to subjects that they have little interest in. However, they will study something extensively if it’s related to one of their interests. For example, they will study math, especially geometry, because it is related to sigil theory, but they have very little interest in English or History. Jack is fairly sociable outside of their art classes, chatting and joking with pretty much everyone. When they’re working on their art, however, they need to Focus. Generally, they have headphones on to block out most ambient noise, and can often be described as being “off in their own world” while working.

Parents: Kenneth and Marie Parsley
Siblings: Danielle (Dan) (25), Herbert (23), Thomas (21), Allison (19), Samuel (Sam) (16), Monica (Moss) (15)

Jack Parsley

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